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Greatstock has evolved from its early roots in producing award-winning cinema and TV commercials in the early eighties to become an integrated visual resource company. Our clients are mostly professionals in the advertising, marketing, design, production and publishing segments of local and international markets.

There’s Stock and Then There’s Greatstock
Our blog is a home for the funniest, most peculiar and inexplicable stock images out there. If you come across a hilarious or ridiculous stock image, we want to know. Take a break. Have a laugh. Visit our blog and pay homage to the strangest stock.

To reflect the growing convergence of all types of media, our broad expertise is now increasingly integrated under one brand – with three core areas of focus :


Building on the considerable resource that has seen Greatstock become a natural port-of-call for superb imagery – from the renowned aFRIKA collection, and many of the world’s leading image providers in the Creative and Editorial spaces. We offer legendary collections such as StockFood, Masterfile, Splash, New York Times, Caia and many other much-loved brands.


is a natural for us – given our extensive experience in TVC production. Previously known as Stock Options, Greatstock Motion is recognised worldwide for its superb motion imagery –from its aFRIKA collection of local motion and its representation of acknowledged leaders in the field - such as Framepool, Stockfood motion – not to mention the myriad smaller collections with whom the company has built an enviable reputation in almost two decades of operation. Search the motion website or
contact us or T. +27 11 880- 2037


is the heading for several specialised services:
  • The Film Store for its expert storage and management of valuable production elements like film, video and all types of digital media. Contact us for more information.
  • Specialist Research and Rights & Clearances services. Contact us
  • Media Asset Management services. Our corporate intranets/extranets are giving our international and local clients 24/7 benefits, combined with our hands on expertise in all types of media. Contact Margi Sheard

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